Monitor & Control
Off-Grid Power Systems

Ferntech’s Universal Monitoring and Control (UMC) technology allows off-grid power system operators to remotely monitor and control multiple systems at lower cost using logic-based programming to add smart behavior to grids. The controller is compatible with any component from any manufacturer, and uses visual programming tools so anyone can maximize their grid’s performance, regardless of technical skill.

Connect any component from any manufacturer, monitor performance, and control behaviors from a single dashboard

Remote Control

Monitor and manage off-grid behavior from any location on Ferntech’s web-based dashboard. Reduce on-site maintenance visits by adjusting component behavior remotely.

Fleet Management

Centralize data from all of your off-grid systems to monitor fleet-wide performance and increase system lifespan.

The Challenge

Millions of off-grid power systems are being deployed over the next decade for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy or to ensure reliable power of electricity in remote areas, but current off-grid systems face a series of problems:

• Regular maintenance is logistically difficult and expensive, but necessary for a power system’s reliable operation.
• Systems are comprised of dozens of different components from different manufacturers, and cannot be centrally monitored without a custom-designed monitoring solution
• Grid operators must constantly adjust maintenance and management procedures to account for new technologies.

Ferntech provides a centralized monitoring and control solution that makes it easier for operators to create new systems, monitor their performance, perform maintenance remotely, and update systems with new technology over time.

Ferntech Benefits

  • Improve System Reliability
  • Monitor component and system performance
  • Easy compatibility between system components
  • Reduce O&M costs and complexity
  • Increase system lifespan and productvity
  • Simplify System Upgrades
  • Diagnose and solve problems remotely

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