The Controller

UMC Family

The Universal Monitoring and Control (UMC) solution consists of a combination of a central hardware controller that allows the interconnectivity of all components, a cloud server, and a software platform which is used for analytics and remote control by the System Operators.

UMC is based on an industrial embedded processor.

Main specifications:
Power 1 GHz
Memory 512 MB NAND Flash
Can 1x Can
Serial 2x RS232 ; 1xRS485
Ethernet 2x Ethernet 10/ 100 Mbit/s
Digital Digital I/O
GSM Upon request
Expansion & Configuration
Mass Storage Card Holder
User Control Elements Button Reset
RTC Goldcap for on module RTC
Display & Touch Upon request
Supply Voltage 12–24V
Temperature Range 0 °C – -40 °C to 85 °C
External Sensors and Modules
The central controller collects raw data from all components and measuring points for management and supervision.
UMC's system architecture allows reliable operation in areas with unreliable or slow internet connection.

Current and Voltage Transducers
Voltage or current measurement via RS486 transducer

Weather Station
Full compatibility with Rainwise and IMT Solar weather sensors (oders under request)
Data Storage and Data Transfer
Internal Data Logging
The controller’s internal data logs and saves data as backup if communication is lost. Once the GSM connection is restored, the controller pulls the rest of the data into the cloud, resorting the data.

Extra Data Storage
An SD card can be inserted in case there is a need of extra data storage onsite. The amount of data is independent on the number of variables in the system as well as the accuracy needed.

Data Compression
The data is unified and compressed, and then sent to the cloud server.
We apply efficient data compression allowing savings in the data transmission. This increases the efficiency of the GSM connectivity, which is important for areas with weak signals.
Customized Control Loops
Control Loops
The controller can work as an Energy Management System (EMS): UMC can customize its offline and online control algorithms helping the system operators to prevent failures and reduce system downtime (e.g. diesel genset control, load management, peak shaving, grid support, etc.).

Diesel Genset Management
Diesel genset management depending on battery status.
UMC is able to integrate equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, thereby standardising operation, maintenance and control procedures.
Data centralization also allows for data analysis algorithms to be standardised and run across entire fleets.

Bi-directional information flows via direct communication with off-grid equipment.

Main brands compatible with UMC controller:
The Portal

White-label Portal

The data is visualized in a customized web portal where the operator can:
  • Customize the front end with your LOGO
  • Visualize general status of the systems
  • Diagnose problems and Change system parameters
  • Generate reports and set-up alarms
  • Online & Offline Energy Managment algorithms
  • Multi-layer user access hirerarchy and User profiles
More Info and special products on Request.