The Ferntech Solution


Web Dashboard

Control Algorithms

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FernFlex Controller

Ferntech's on-site hardware collects power system data, uploads that data to the web dashboard, and applies control algorithms.

Main Controler specifications:
Power 1 GHz
Memory 512 MB NAND Flash
Can 1x Can
Serial 2x RS232 ; 1xRS485
Ethernet 2x Ethernet 10/ 100 Mbit/s
Digital Digital I/O
GSM Upon request
Expansion & Configuration
Mass Storage Card Holder
User Control Elements Button Reset
RTC Goldcap for on module RTC
Display & Touch Upon request
Supply Voltage 12–24V
Temperature Range 0 °C – -40 °C to 85 °C

FernView Portal

FernView is the heart of the Ferntech system. From the dashboard, system operators can monitor system performance and control algorithms.
  • White-label and customizable
  • Visualize general status of the systems
  • Diagnose problems and change system parameters
  • Generate custom reports and set up alarms for specific system behaviors
  • Multi-layer user access hierarchy and user profiles

Control Algorithms

Ferntech's capacity to implement system controls from a remote location sets it apart from other power system monitoring solutions. Control algorithms are created and applied from the web dashboard.
  • Program routine maintenance tasks and make performance adjustments from anywhere
  • User friendly interface makes it easy to create and edit algorithms without a technical background
  • Completely customize system performance to fit specific needs


More Info and special products on Request.