Off-Grid Industry

Mountain Huts

Intro explaining how there are specific applications where is needed off-grid power , like mountain huts , ski-resorts, and other isolated locations with the need of power special loads. (weather stations), …

The solution:

Infinite Fingers´ controller is up and running in ten Austrian huts already thanks to a collaboration with an Austrian off-grid system operator.
These huts rely exclusively on their own energy (i.e. solar, wind).
Infinite Fingers has made the operation of these systems much easier, maximising their performance.
Project reference:
Commercial Mountain huts used mainly for Restaurants, hotels, telecomm
Different locations in Austria
Energy Sources
- xx Kwp PV
- xx Kwp Wind
- Xx Kwh lead acid
- Xx Kwh lithium-ion
Equipment Involved
- Autarctech Batteries
- Xxx ?