Energy Access


1.6 billion people (17% of the global population) do not have access to electricity. Microgrids powered by renewable energy sources can close this gap, providing a stable power source in remote areas without grid infrastructure and reinforcing unstable grids in developing cities.

The Ferntech controller lowers the barriers to deploy these microgrids by simplifying how grid components are integrated, monitored, and managed. Ferntech’s visual programming tools make it possible for grid operators to maintain grids remotely, further decreasing maintenance costs and extending system lifespan.

Old System Retrofitting

Whether still functioning or not, old off-grid systems that have not been sufficiently maintained frequently operate below their maximum capacity or breakdown. With the right monitoring and control solution, operators can fix minor problems before they cause more serious breakdowns..

Operators who retrofit their grids with a Ferntech controller can monitor system behavior remotely to detect and change component behavior in response to changing conditions. If developers wish to add new modules or components to their microgrids as part of a retrofit, the Ferntech controller can simplify the integration of those new components into the overall system.

Industrial Applications

Water Access

As of 2015, 855 million people around the world do not have basic access to water - as with access to electricity, many of these people live in remote areas where established infrastructure cannot reach. Desalination and water purification systems in remote areas can help bridge this gap, but the remote location of these installations makes regular maintenance costly.

The Ferntech Controller’s flexibility makes it possible for system operators to monitor and control components of a water system to extend system lifespan and improve reliability. With lower maintenance costs, developers can deploy more systems in more locations, and manage all of their systems from Ferntech’s web-based dashboard.

Telecomms Installations

A reliable telecomms network demands reliable power, even in remote installations. Renewable power systems can provide stable electricity for the most remote towers, but in turn require monitoring and maintenance to reduce the need for on-site repairs. With networks comprised of many towers and installations, network operators need a solution to oversee all of their microgrids to determine service needs and set blanket behaviors.

Ferntech’s controller collects data from every grid into a single online dashboard, giving operations staff the power to monitor and maintain their entire fleet systems without sending maintenance teams to remote sites.

Remote Commercial and Industrial Installations

Mountain huts, ski resorts, mines, fish farms, and other isolated stations have power needs best served by stand-alone off-grid systems. Combining renewable power sources with battery management can provide reliable electricity, but systems need careful monitoring - on-site staff are unlikely to have the necessary knowledge to fix catastrophic faults. Furthermore, these stations often operate in inhospitable environments where equipment is subjected to extreme conditions.

Ferntech allows operators to perform basic system maintenance remotely and optimize systems for longer life. These factors reduce the overall O&M costs of remote power stations and allow operators to plan maintenance schedules appropriately.

OEM Solutions

Mobile Power

Mobile generators face different loads and configurations on a regular basis. To limit wear, generators need intelligent configuration to the specific needs of each deployment.

Integrating Ferntech’s controller technology and software tools gives system operators a simple interface to control mobile systems on site. In addition, generator owners can monitor the status of all of their assets in the field to ensure they're operating a peak performance.

Battery clustering

New lithium battery technology has created opportunities for battery clusters to provide a scalable, reliable, and safe supply of power. Battery clusters need a robust management layer to optimize charge and discharge in order to reach their full potential.

Ferntech can control the flow of charge to and from a battery, complimenting the detailed battery information coming from a Battery Management System. Because Ferntech is designed to manage fleets of power systems, it is ready to coordinate power decisions for battery stacks immediately.