Energy Access

1.6 billion people (17% of the global population) do not have access to electricity. Microgrids powered by renewable energy sources can close this gap, providing a stable power source in remote areas without grid infrastructure and reinforcing unstable grids in developing cities.

Ferntechs technolgy lowers the barriers to deploy these microgrids by simplifying how grid components are integrated, monitored, and managed. Ferntech’s control algorithms make it possible for grid operators to maintain grids remotely, further decreasing maintenance costs and extending system lifespan.

Mini-Grid for Energy Access (DR Congo)
- Lack of skilled local technicians
- Difficulties to travel onsite due to COVID-19 restrictions
- Monitoring & control solution for 20Kwp and 40KWh lithium-ion
- 303 households, business, schools and hospitals connected
- Identify problems and guide field technicians remotely
~15% O&M costs reduction by avoiding site-visits

Photo: Equatorial Power
Mini-Grid for Energy Access (Nigeria)
- Difficulty of monitoring different components from different brands
- Variety of system sized and use-cases (C&I and Energy Access)
- 230 residential, 48 commercial, 11 public, 100KWp, 192 KWh mini-grid
- Diesel consumption monitoring through diesel flow-meter
Saving of ~10% on replacement capex due to flexibliility of using components of any brand

Photo: NayoTech
Mini-Grid for Energy Access (Senegal)
- Difficulty of deploying, operating and maintaining systems at scale
- Shortage of skilled technicians and tight deployment schedule
- Monitoring & control solution for 120x 50KWp containerized mini-grids
- Automatic control of visual alarm, Samsung Air-Co and Fan
- Reduce deployment time from 2 days to 1 hour
- Reduce self-consumption by 30% and avoid battery temperature stress

Mini-Grid for Energy Access (Mali)
- Mix of components (Solar sensor, temp sensor, energy meter, SMA , Studer)
- One operator but multiple EPCs
- Manufacturer agnostic Monitoring platform
- 80KWp, 105KVA, 772KWh, AC and DC coupled mini-grid
- Visualize performance of all components from one screen
- Single-login access for operator across all systems from several EPC’s

Photo: FRES Foundation
Mini-Grid for Energy Access (Kenya)
- Acquire data from Voltronic inverters and other digital sensors
- Failure of PLC-based existing monitoring solution
- Replacement of PLC by Ferntech’s controller in 2 x 15KWp systems
- Integration of Voltronic components, door sensor, and other inputs
- Visualize Voltronic performance and all sensors from one screen
~30% increase of system data due to robust operation in harsh conditions

Mini-Grid for Energy Access (Indonesia)
- 78KWp Legacy system showing signs of underperformance
- High diesel consumption and under-used battery (300KVA, 240KWh)
- Retrofit legacy system to collect accurate base-line data
- Implement control algorithms to optimize system performance
- Estimated 30% reduction in diesel consumption
- Replicable in similar legacy systems across the country

Photo: GIZ indonesia
Mini-Grid for Energy Access (Phillipines)
- Difficult and long deployment in very remote locations
- High dependency on semi-skilled local technicians
Remote operation and maintenance of three hybrid systems in islands (~50KWp, 45KVA, 55KVA)
Satellite connectivity
- Reduce O&M costs by ~30% and remotely improve performance
- Visualization of all systems from one screen

Photo: One Renewable