Commercial and Industrial Applications

To build reliable information networks and deliver services to remote locations, organizations must solve the challenges of powering equipment that can detect the world around it, broadcast strong signals, or execute complicated industrial processes without direct supervision.

Ferntech's monitoring and control capabilities make it possible to manage the performance of simple and complex power systems. Operators have visibility into system performance and the tools to make adjustments to behavior as necessary

C&I for emerging markets (Egypt)
- 165KWp grid-tied PV system for cold-storage, water pumping and other agri solar assets
- Wide variety of brands being used
- Brand agnostic monitoring and control system across all fleet
- Soiling detected and reported in system KPI’s and notifications
- Brand-agnostic overview of the entire fleet from one screen
- Optimize solar yield by 10% with premature soiling detection

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C&I for emerging markets (Indonesia)
- Variety of system use cases (resorts and communities), and system sizes (from 10KWp to 500 KWp)
- Lack of IT skills in local technicians
- Monitoring solution for 5 sites in Papua, and 1 site in a remote island
- Data acquisition from SMA, Schneider and IMT solar sensors
- Supervise the entire fleet from one screen
- Ease of deployment in very remote locations (from 2 days to 1h/system)
Hybrid systems for self-consumption (Spain)
- Re-Branded Voltronic inverters are difficult to monitor
- Small systems (15Kwp) require an affordable solution
- White labelled monitoring solution able to work with Voltronic devices
- Easy integration with Pylontech batteries and genset enabled
- High quality monitoring solution of lower end inverter and battery at an affordable price
- Corporate image with white label

Hybrid systems for self-consumption (Mountain Hut - Austria)
- Alpine huts in very remote locations need to minimize trips to site
- Commercial sites require minimizing down-time
- Lithium-ion clustering solution integrated with different inverter brands in 13+ alpine huts (30KWp)
- Monitoring of diesel consumption
- Fleet-wide operation and maintenance from one screen
- Reduce trips to site by 25% incurring outstanding O&M savings

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Telecommunications (UK)
Network operator blindsided on the reasons why the telecom towers fleet were not performing optimally
- Accurate monitoring of grid stability and li-ion backup system in 50+ sites
- Analysis on system down-time and diagnostics
- Detailed overview of grid black-outs to be used against utility
- Report on system performance help achieving 10% uptime increase

Telecommunications (Austria)
- Off-grid antenna working as repeater for essential infrastructure
- 24/7 operation
Lithium-ion battery integration with power system and third party components via mqqt
- Local and remote monitoring of key parameters of storage system
- Increase ~10% system uptime and supervise battery performance
Natural Resources – Mining (Chile)
- Diesel hybrid systems in very remote locations in south Chile (~200KW)
- Expensive O&M due to trips to site and high diesel consumption
- Lithium-ion battery clustering with Studer equipment in 10+sites
- Automated diesel genset management
- 2,000Km trip saved to site thanks to remote control features
- 10% reduction of diesel consumption

Natural Resources – Aquaculture (Norway)
- Off-shore fish farms with Hybrid Power Systems with a variety of brands: SMA and Siemens
- Low quality data available in-land
- Monitoring of 15+ power system for both SMA and Siemens (OPC UA)
- System layout diagram to easily visualise live-data and status
- 40% increase on available data vs inverter-branded legacy solution
- Corporate image via white-labelled URL and dashboard
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Natural Resources – Water pumping (Egypt)
- 80KW Fuji Electric water pump working in harsh weather conditions
- Very isolated location with limited internet connectivity
- Monitoring and Control of Fuji Electric FRENIC VFD
- Data logger stores data when internet connectivity is gone
- Reduce ~20% O&M costs by detecting system failures in advance
- Supervise water pump performance remotely

Photo: Solar23